Glacial Beast
Glacial Beast is a Trial Challenge Mode boss featured in Hell Tower, followed by Machine Gargoyle and Persona. He is the boss that guards the Cryogenic Chamber floor.

Attacks (1st form)

  • Punch: He will simply punch whoever getting close to him in the front.
  • Iceberg: He will throw several Icebergs toward other soldiers while chasing his prey. Acts as a hazard environment for a while once lading to the ground.
  • Ice Ball: He will stop and gather his energy to create a giant Ice Ball and throw it toward one soldier. If it hits anything or players manage to shoot it down mid-flight, it will break down and create a large ice pool, acting as a hazard environment.
  • Ceiling Attack: He will jump up to the ceiling and climb it, targetting one soldier and eventually slam down to the ground - this attack is homing unless he is stunned.

Attacks (2nd form)

He utilizes all the attacks above, but this time he targets only one player and won't switch to anyone else unless said player dies and doesn't revive quick enough. This can be exploited to the players' advantage.

  • Minions: He is accompanied by three Baby Beasts that can seriously injure soldiers if they don't pay attention.
  • Snow Breath: He will stop and breathe snow toward his prey, injuring anyone in its way. This attack can be broken by shooting directly at the snow.

Tips & Strategies

  • Have 4 or 5 Sentry Guns at a high-level point at the center.
  • Everyone should split up and shoot at Glacial Beast lightly. Let the "prey" player cycle around the center, luring the boss after him and the Sentry Guns will do the job.
  • Aim at the spikes ABOVE his head, these are his weakness and deal more damage to him rather than shooting directly at his face. Back shooting at the spike on his back also works.
  • Glacial Beast's ceiling attack can be dodged by performing a backward bunny hop. Because the map is small, players must concentrate on jumping in a circle, careful not to bump into other players/tools / the Baby Beast. If this option is not possible, use concentrate fire against him so he will be stunned.
  • His main target is the player who caused the most damage to him, so if he/she isn't an expert player, stop shooting at him for a while and let the other take care of him.
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