Ghost S&D is another variant of the Search & Destroy mode, featuring elements from Ghost Mode.


This mode works exactly the same with basic S&D rules, but both GR and BL team will be invisible once the round start - firing weapons, melee attacking and reload however, will make players visible, and they need to stop doing those in order to go invisible again. Additionally, if players bump into each other, they will both become visible.

Once the bomb has been planted or only 1 minute 5 seconds left before the match end, both side will become visible after a 5 seconds countdown, and at that point the game reverts into a classical bomb-defuse scenario.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Español




Cross Fire China Stealth Bombing (Ghost Search & Destroy) !

Cross Fire China Stealth Bombing (Ghost Search & Destroy) !

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