"The mercenary troops used "Invisible Ghost Tool Kit" co-developed by U.S. and U.N in actual battles. It is also known as the origin of the "Ghost Squad". They are secretly dispatched to various missions, but they disappeared due to the theft of the Ghost tool kit."
- in-game description

Ghost M is a male character featured in CrossFire.


He shares the same model with Ghost character in Ghost Mode but without the speciality ghost mask and invisibility ability, while his GR counterpart is simply recolored. He also received exclusive HUD models for both GR and BL model.

In most versions, he can be obtained temporary through Chaos/Nightmare Box.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil


  • This is the one of the characters that has the same models on both BL and GR, only recolored (some example are: Ghost X, Ghost Y, N-22, DX Heroine, Devil Hunter Merc, Ares and Miss A, 2PM set characters). This might be because Tencent is too lazy to make a new model for him so they choose to go cheap by just recoloring existing model.
    • Another reason could be because this character is a normal variant of Ghost, which only came with one model, so it make no sense if there were a different model for GR (since his BL side is already same with Ghost), not to mention it take time to create a new model so the developers simply recolored the existing model.
  • For some reasons, Ghost M doesn't have his own character image on the loading screen, instead it shares with Ghost Y. Because the different between them are too minor, so people can easily overlook it.
  • In CF Vietnam, there was a glitch that when a player using Ghost M and joining a Mutation Knight Mode match, his HUD always incorrectly shows hand models of Knight instead of his own. This glitch was removed after the Mutation Knight Mode has been terminated here.
  • In CF Vietnam, this character incorrectly shares the new ItemIcon with Ghost X.



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