Ghost Base
Ghost Fort is a Shadow Mode map in a small base of operation within a large flooded canyon. The map is available in the following versions:


  • Ghost Base (China, Japan).
  • Ghost Fort (West).
  • Barricade (Brazil).


The map takes place obviously in the heart of the BL Ghosts' base located in an undisclosed location between the large mountain valleys. It is where the nano-generic and highly revolutionized stealth cloaks and special "ghost" suit were created. The Shadows, spawning at the far end of the base, are planning to get inside the base and steal all of the "ghost" equipment for their own benefit of creating much powerful stealth cloaks.

Also, if possible, they would steal highly-confined, restricted, super secret intelligence from the base. The mercenaries, the united faction of GR and BL, will stop the Shadows from base infiltration and perhaps, to prevent themselves to be killed by them and to get alive.


Chinese CrossFire Ghost Base Map (Shadow Mode) Showcase !

Chinese CrossFire Ghost Base Map (Shadow Mode) Showcase !

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