Gatling Gun-Wild Shot is a specialized variant of Gatling Gun machine gun.


Unlike the original variant, Gatling Gun-Wild Shot is based on the XM214 model (same with the Infernal Dragon one), and it features dragon carving on its barrel and body. It still comes with 150 rounds capacity and stats with the original variant.

Like the P90-Wild Shot, this gun is an Anti-Zombie Weapons, so when equipped in Zombie Mode, it features 200 rounds magazine with a faster firing speed, reduced recoil and shorter barrel spinning time. It features a charging bar that when filled, clicking RMB will heat up the barrel, opening the barrel and discharge 250 rounds very fast. Shooting constantly for 30 rounds will boost up the owners' movement speed.


This weapon is released along with Titan Citadel content

  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia

Upgraded Forms


Stats Comparison

Level Magazine Charged Magazine Recoil ZM Stones
BI GatlingGun WildShot 200 250 Medium 0ItemIcon 4574
BI GatlingGun WildShot Red 200 270 Medium-Low 30ItemIcon 4574
BI GatlingGun WildShot Gold 200 290 Low 50ItemIcon 4574


  • Strangely, unlike the P90-Wild Shot or AN94-Spaceship, Gatling Gun-Wild Shot and its variants in Charged Mode don't receive the Bless effect (infinite ammo) from Nymphs, despite featuring a normal crosshair.
    • Upon release in CF Vietnam, the Gatling Gun-Wild Shot does benefit from Nymph's Bless and have infinite charged ammo when used with Bless. However, after one patch, this effect has been removed.
  • This is the first Anti-Zombie Weapon that's not found on the Boss Crate, it can only obtained by Ranking Crate (SS rank in Titan Citadel), making it obtainable only when playing Nightmare Mode.
  • In CF Vietnam, CF Brazil, CF Russia and CF Indonesia, this gun is given "-Silver" on its name despite having a normal skin color.
  • CF Vietnam uses the classic Gatling Gun sound for this gun but uses the one on CF China for its charged mode. This is likely because the Gatling Gun-Wild Shot shares its sound effects with the normal variants and only has its own charged sounds added into the pool.
  • One strange fact to note is that you are unable to Jump whilst firing the Gatling Gun-Wild Shot in CF Brazil, both in Normal Mode, and Charged Mode. There isn't a plausible reason for such a mechanic to exist, and it is most likely a bug.



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