Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon Noble Gold is a Noble Gold machine gun variant of Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon.


It has the same model and animation like Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon, but it has gold and silver texture with original orange details on its design. It has no VVIP perk, but still retains the barrel spin, manual reload and melee attack.

After upgrading, it will have the same VVIP perks of Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil


  • Initially, this weapon's killmark doesn't have the letter "G" like most of Noble Gold weapons, but the dragon icon has brighter color comparing to the VVIP counterpart instead. This has been corrected in CF China, but CF Vietnam still uses the old one.
  • This weapon in CF Vietnam is misspelled as Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon Nobla Gold in the HUD Icon.



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