Game Points (GP), also known as credits, is the in-game currency used in Crossfire.


Players can exchange GP for weapons, items, characters and black market GP crates. GP can also be used to repair weapons.

Upon creating account, all players are given 40.000 GP, which will then be usually lowered when purchasing a starting characters.

Players earn a variable amount of GP per game they complete, depending on their in-game performance, however much of that reward usually has to be spent on repairing weapons. Other ways to receive GP are daily missions, badge level-up rewards, rank level-up rewards, events and black market crates. With the newly released Special Mission and Attendance System, it's possible to get a lot more GPs just by playing every day.

In some servers, GP can also be "purchased" by buying a set item that upon purchasing will give players GP in addition to that item.

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  • Due to the increased popularity of GP capsule and expensive GP guns, most servers nowadays give newly created accounts 200.000 GP instead of the old 40.000 amount, giving players more chance to test new weapons.
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