G3A3-S Ares is an assault rifle variant of the G3A3 battle rifle in CrossFire.


This weapon is released along with CrossFire 2.0 update.

The well known G3A3, now has been rebuilt using the thermostable ARES alloy, which is known to have helped winning the war against the Nano Ghosts. This weapon has been upgraded, now with a silencer attached, expanded ammunition capacity, and a dual magazine that makes the reloading process faster. It holds 25 rounds per magazine, with 100 rounds in reserve.

This weapon is a good replacement for the original G3A3, due to its improved stats. It still has high accuracy, very high damage, medium rate of fire, and very high recoil. But because of the dual magazine attachment, the reloading time has been reduced significantly. And the attached silencer reduces the firing noise and recoil, but also slightly reduces the firing speed.


  • Very high damage dealing.
  • Capable to 1-hit headshot at all range.
  • High accuracy.
  • Quiet firing noise.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Additional +5 cartridge capacity per magazine.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Very high recoil.
  • Low-medium rate of fire.
  • Bad spraying pattern.


  • Available in all CF versions which already updated to CrossFire 2.0.



  • The silencer of this gun looks bulkier in first person view than in third person view.
  • This rifle has unique suppressed firing sound compared to other common silenced weapons.


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