G36K is an assault rifle featured in Crossfire.


The G36K ("Kurz", German for "Short") is an Assault Rifle manufactured by Heckler and Koch from Germany.

The G36K is the only weapon that features its own specialty, a ZF 3x4° dual optical sight that combines a 3x magnified telescopic sight and a red dot sight (the model in the game is only a 3x telescopic sight). However, when zoomed in, it lowers the weapon's cycle rate and clutters your sight picture, so players rarely use the function.

This gun is rarely seen used by players due to the gun's recoil and its very fast firing rate, makes G36K hard to handle. Most servers also sold it with expensive price, making it not as famous as other guns.

In CF Vietnam, G36K has its damage decrease but with low recoil compared to other versions.


G36K can 1-hit headshot at all ranges due to its high damage, but the recoil is also high and tends to be unstable while strafing. However, it has the fastest rate of fire in the assault rifle category, making G36K very deadly against close range targets. It is also compensated with full wallbang which makes G36K special.


  • High damage beyond moderate.
  • Full wallbang.
  • Highest rate of fire of its category (only beaten by 9A-91 and FAMAS G2).
  • Has a scope attachment.
  • Low recoil (CF Vietnam).


  • Decent damage dealing (CF Vietnam).
  • High recoil.
  • Very unstable while quick strafing.



  • Along with Desert Eagle and XM8, this gun have an old model during the beta days. Some versions are still using the old Item Icon and Bag Icon, but in-game model is the new one.



CrossFire - G36K - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - G36K - Weapon Gameplay

G36K Gameplay

Cross Fire China -- G36K Old Version 2008!

Cross Fire China -- G36K Old Version 2008!

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