G36C is an assault rifle that is featured in CrossFire.


The G36C is a further development of G36K, which is a 5.56×45mm assault rifle and designed by Heckler and Koch. It has a compact model than any other HK G36 variants. It is still fitted with G36's standard dual optic sight, but it is modified with an extension claw red dot sight which gave better vision when scoping.

This weapon has a medium firepower, high accuracy, medium recoil, and fast reloading and drawing speed. Unlike the G36K, when using the red dot scope, it has faster scope phase and does higher accuracy and lower recoil without losing the firing speed.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam


  • The player's G36C model actually has a shorter carry handle and longer barrel.
  • The G36C has dual optical sight, the main sight was not used instead is in the first sight a red dot sight.
  • When using a red dot sight, the second sight was obscure meaning that it is not shown the original ZF 3x4°.
  • This weapon in CF Vietnam when released lacks the drawing sound, and it shares the reloading sound with G36K. This has been fixed in the next update patch.
  • This weapon has ammo inconsistency glitch in CF Vietnam, 30/60 in normal modes and 30/90 in Mutation Mode and its variants.