Fortress is an old unused villa complex which has been converted into a military base. It is one of the Team Deathmatch maps available in CrossFire.


The place consists two courtyards, each located separately at the north and south of the map. At the back of each courtyard, right behind the wall, there's an alley acts as a respawn point for both GR and BL factions. A military Humvee is parked in each of the courtyards with crates placed at some corners in which both act as obstacles. These obstacles of both courtyards are positioned at the same spots, regardless whether the courtyard belongs to GR's or BL's territory.

The Fortress consists two two-story houses which both can be accessed from the courtyards. A small barn stands between the houses which connects both courtyards through its hallway, and also connects both houses by the barn's rooftop. There are crates inside the barn's hallway, perfect for ambushing enemies who enter the barn. The wooden walls of the barn are designed lack of cover around its bottom part, it could expose the player's character's feet to the enemies at the courtyard, giving them his position in the hallway in which players should be aware of this if they manage to storm through the barn.

The houses only have 3 rooms at the first floor and only a room at the second floor. Players can go to the second floor through a staircase, although players may use the ramps of the barn to get onto the rooftop and go to the second floor of the houses which may be risky. These houses are very important to be guarded since guarding one of them (or even both) could push the enemy's movements harder.

The rooms of the first floor provide a lot of corners, perfect for shotgunners to hide and ambush enemies from it. The windows of the houses are suitable to snipe enemies at the courtyard or wipe out enemies on the rooftop of the barn.

Fortress is one of the maps where all type of weapons can be used efficiently. It has very wide-open courtyards suitable for using snipers, rifles, and machine guns; also houses and a barn with a lot of small areas and corners suitable for using SMGs, shotguns, melees, and throwns.


  • Available in all CF versions


Fortress Minimap

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