Forbidden Palace has one variant, Team Deathmatch.


This map is very identical to the Mutation and Hero Mode Map, Tranquility. By the looks of the map, it takes place somewhere in China just by looking at the style of the map, and colors are filled with red and golden yellow around the buildings. Both teams start in front of the big palace. The palace is filled with all sorts of pathways, including a lower level, and an upper level access to the Palace. On the outsides of the Palace stand just basic pathways covered with obstacles and a straight way to the opposing teams' base.

Global Risk Base

The Global Risk start in a shed north of the map. From there, you can easily access the palace by either taking the lower level, or taking the stairs to reach to the top level. As well, from your base, there is a small, crowded pathway that connects directly to the Black List Base, giving you an easy ticket of infiltration. From your base again, there is a pathway similar to the small pathway by your base, but it is opposite of your side; making it near the Black List Base.

Black List Base

The Black List Base is exactly the same in every aspect as the Global Risk Base. You start off in a shed, and right in front of you is a big building, which is the forbidden palace. From there, you can either stay on the ground floor of the palace, and go through another entrance north from it to access the Global Risk base, or you can take the stairs to access the top floor of the Palace. From your base, at the corner pathway, it leads you to the side pathway of the map which you can use at your own advantage to get a clean run to the Global Risk Base.


  • Assault rifles could be mainly used in this map because this map is slightly bigger.
  • The map is shaped as a square, so everything is symmetrical and easy to get around areas.
  • This map is good for snipers because there are a few good sniper spots.


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