Flower Attack is a special perk available only for Ultimatum.


This attacking method is pretty similar to Furious Kick that pressing E will throw flowers toward by the right hand that damages nearby enemies. Different from Furious Kick, it takes a few more seconds to perform the attack, which make it not useful in emergency cases; however, players can move freely without standing rigidly to perform it, unlike the Furious Kick. Moreover, you can use Flower Attack in Mutation Mode and variants.


  • This attacking method is the same to the Money Attack perk, which is a scrapped feature of S.I.A Supreme.
    • In the game file, its killmark and HUD Icon are named ThrowMoney. This is illogical as it should be named ThrowFlower. It could be because the delevopers are too lazy or forgot to rename those files.
  • Unlike the Furious Kick, Flower Attack can be used in Mutation Mode (and variants). However, it cannot be used when the ability to transform into the heroes is available, as both sharing the same E key, and its icon will be colored gray.
  • Strangely, Mutants killed by Flower Attack in Hero Mode X (and its expansions/options) still respawn despite the fact that it's a melee attack. This is presumably due to Flower Attack being an accessories rather than a melee weapon, so the game doesn't consider it as a melee attack.
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