Flooded Area is an exclusive Ghost Vs Mutants map sets in a small territory almost completely filled with water.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines (Flood Zone).
  • CF West
  • CF Korea (Flooded Area).
  • CF Vietnam (Hurricane Eye).
  • CF Indonesia (Flood Zone)


A relatively small territory, which all of its outdoor areas are filled with water, a good way to track down ghosts on the run. Otherwise there are many hiding spots where the invisible soldiers can hold on until it is jeopardized by their loud breath sounds. The famous bunny hopping technique is still a valuable option in such an open field though.

The main buildings available are a small display room with glass panels and climbable crates, a small indoor area, on the opposite side of the display building, with few lockers, access to the pipe rooms and a neat hiding spot in its back alley. Then there's a somewhat large derelict building, which is also affected by the inundation.

The display building's back alley have a small cover, with some bicycle racks beneath it. The top of the cover can be accessed from the crane's beam or mutants can also jump on it from the other side. The wall of another building have a small hole in it which may serves as a hiding spot as well, although it is quite obvious and often checked.

The ruined house features a door mechanism that shuts once anybody steps inside its rooms, which can be planned as escape routes. Both rooms have one of these doors, an open doorway and a window that leads into the back alley. This alley give access to a part of the building's rooftop, which happens to be a decent arena type area for Rangers.

The outside part features a yellow rubber boat which will be slightly submerge with any pressure on it. Same goes for the suspended beam from the crane, while the other large beam attached to the wall will remain stable. Some other point of interest includes some display stands, few broken pillars and the support columns of the long overpass.


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