Field Shovel-Halloween (2011) is a melee variant of Field Shovel.


It sports a spooky purple Halloween-themed skin.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West

Damage Rates

Right Click Left Click
Head: 100 DMG Head: 81 DMG
Body: 100 DMG Body: 61 DMG
Hands: 100 DMG Hands: 61 DMG
Legs: 100 DMG Legs: 41 DMG


  • CF Russia also have another Field Shovel-Halloween in their client files, which has blue color and doesn't use at anywhere. It's maybe the reason why the system name for the updated one is Field Shovel2.
    • This problem also takes by Gatling Gun-Halloween.
    • CF Indonesia uses the "blue" version Shovel-Halloween in their Item Icon, HUD icon and Bag Icon, but when players use this shovel in game, it will show the normal "purple" one.



Cross Fire -- Field Shovel-Halloween 01!

Cross Fire -- Field Shovel-Halloween 01!

CrossFire Vietnam Shovel-Halloween ☆

CrossFire Vietnam Shovel-Halloween ☆

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