Field Shovel is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


As its name imply, Field Shovel is a generic shovel with wooden handle and pointed blade, allowing it to kill opponents upon contact. Field Shovel is one of longest attack range melee, only after the Katana.

The left click on your mouse does a slash attack that first swings from top right to bottom left. If you hold down the left click, it will continuously slash from top left to bottom right. This attack takes 3 hits to body and 2 hit to head to kill. The right click does a 1-hit 100% damage from right to left swing to anywhere on the body, although, the cinematic and the actual attack are not in sync, so getting used to it will be difficult.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • In some versions, this weapon is considered as overpowered due to the first person view and third person view animations are not in sync, especially some fast attacking speed Shovels like the Ultimate Gold variant. This makes some players hard to dodge the attack from an enemy using Field Shovel.
  • The Field Shovel is also called "Entrenching Tool" in real life. This weapon was made popular in WWI, where trench warfare was present. Soldiers were issued small foldable shovels that were used for digging trenches, but they could also serve as makeshift melee weapons by sharpening the edges.
  • The Field Shovel in CF highly resembles the Russian MPL-50 Entrenching Tool.
  • In some versions, the killmark of this melee (and its early variants such as Red Dragon) is facing left instead of right. This also happens with Lightning Rod and Rubber Chicken.




Shovel CROSSFIRE Indonesia 2

Shovel CROSSFIRE Indonesia 2.0

CrossFire VN - Field Shovel

CrossFire VN - Field Shovel

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