Falcon OP-99 is a Czech anti-materiel sniper rifle featured in CrossFire.


It is the fifth Sniper Rifle that utilizes .50 BMG ammo after Barrett M82A1RAI Model 500AS50 and QBU-09, capable to 1-hit kill any opponent regardless of armor, plus full wall-bang damage (ability to penetrate walls without hassle). It comes with a double zoom scope like the AWM.

However, this weapon has the second smallest magazine size with only 2-rounds (beating AR-50A1 by 1-round), making this gun unsuitable for long battle, although it can still be boosted with VVIP weapons. It is also very heavy, making it unsuitable for rushing tactical points. Falcon OP-99 is the second sniper rifle that must be reloaded manually, and the reload speed is somewhat slower than Mosin Nagant but since it has only 2 bullets in its chamber this is not much of an issue, and reload cancel is possible. This weapon shares drawing animation with QBU-09 and has somewhat more quiet firing sound, similar to the AS50.


  • Very high damage dealing.
  • Very high accuracy.
  • Full wallbang damage.
  • Can perform reload cancel.
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • Moderate bolt-action cycling.
  • Dual scope phase.


  • Very low magazine capacity.
  • Slow reloading speed for a single bullet.
  • Heavyweight.


  • CF Korea
  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Español
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia


  • In real life, the Falcon OP-99 is a single-shot weapon or come with 2-round detachable box magazine. CrossFire appears to use the single-shot model, but gives it 2-rounds capacity instead of detachable magazine. It can be presumed that due to ammo boost perk from AWM / Barrett VIPs, SmileGate has to give Falcon OP-99 more than one round, otherwise there will be no bolt-cycling animation by default and when players boost up ammo, CF won't be able to handle that extra animation.
  • Again, despite the fact that Falcon OP-99 utilizes .50 BMG ammo, it deals low damage against mutants in MM/HM/HMX/MKM.
  • While most versions sell this gun as a GP weapon, CF VN and CF ID offer this gun the GP capsule.
  • This is the first .50 BMG weapon sold as a GP weapon in CF Philippines. So such they decided because of its overwhelming disadvantage.




CN CrossFire 2

CN CrossFire 2.0 Falcon OP-99 Review!

CrossFire Korea Falcon OP-99 ☆

CrossFire Korea Falcon OP-99 ☆

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