FR-F2 Freezing is a bolt-action sniper rifle variant of FR-F2.


It features the same model of FR-F2 Rusty, but with a frozen look all around its body. It is more or less similar with the Rusty variant.

Exclusive to CF Vietnam and West, this gun features a fast bolt-cycling speed similar to AWM-Ultimate Gold, making it more valuable among all FR-F2 variants here.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF Español
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia


  • Unlike other reskinned weapons, the killmark for this gun doesn't have the reskin name on it (which in this case is Freezing), makes it almost identical to normal FR-F2, albeit with a slight change to reflect the new model.
  • After released, the FR-F2 Rusty and the FR-F2 Freezing get compared to each other a lot. There is debate over which is better as far as stats are concerned but it ultimately comes down to play style. The Rusty is considered better for players who like to quickscope their opponents, where as the Freezing is better for players who like to hardscope with an advantage.
  • This weapon is released into Secret Agent crate in CF West along with the PPK, a weapon featured in Assault Girls crate in CF Japan before. 
  • There are actually TWO variants of FR-F2-Freezing in CF Vietnam. The first variant is available in New Black Market and got bundled with PMR 30, which feature the fast bolt-cycling. The second one can be obtained via certain events and act exactly the same as FR-F2-Rusty (doesn't have the fast bolt-cycling).
    • Later, an event that required player login and plays at least 1 match in 17/8/2017 will get this gun for permanent.   
  • The FR-F2 Freezing is called Frozen in CF Philippines. Part of its description is "you may have trouble letting it go", a reference to the movie Frozen.
    • It is obtainable from the Item Shop as a temporary weapon and as a reward from the Daily Return System for 3 days.



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