FOX Grenade (AKA S.W.F Grenade) is a throwable weapon featured in CrossFire.


It's the first Grenade that features a character (FOX) with chibi style, comes with special explosion effect as well. This is slightly less powerful than Wide Grenade.

It should be noted that due to this grenades shape, it's very hard to figure out what it will and won't bounce off of when throwing it through small cracks/down hallways.


  • CF Japan
  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español
  • CF Taiwan
  • CF Brazil


  • FOX Grenade is the first Thrown weapon that has idle animation - if players select it and stand still for a few second, the character will "press" the grenade on the hip and FOX will make a cute sound while posing like in the render below.
  • In CF Brazil, only people that had M4A1-S Born Beast, Barrett M82A1-Born Beast, Desert Eagle-Born Beast and bought AK47-Knife Born Beast and Shovel-Born Beast together in a pre-sale (that means, the complete Predator Dragon family) could obtain this grenade. That's the reason for almost nobody having this grenade.
    • The grenade is supposed to be called "Granada FOX (FOX Grenade)", but, it's named "FOX Howl Grenade", without any translation, even that FOX is normally named in CF Brazil.
  • In CF Vietnam, this grenade can only be obtained by buying World Cup Package B (30d) in Royal Casino (Webmall) or M4A1-S Jewelry Package (30d).



CrossFire Japan S.W

CrossFire Japan S.W.F-Grenade ☆

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