FOX-Noble Gold is a Noble Gold character variant of FOX.


Like any Noble Gold character, FOX in the BL side has gold outfit and hat with her hair dyed blonde. The GR side has silver-blue outfit and her hair is dyed gradient silver-blue at the back. Her gloves got slightly changed with more gold on the BL side and blue color on the GR side.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF West


  • Comparing to the original FOX, her textures got slightly improved with high-poly model.
  • This character made FOX became the very first non-VVIP item that receives the Noble Gold variant, which never happens before since only VVIP characters and weapons receive this variant.
  • CF Vietnam continues to feature FOX-Noble Gold with incorrect arm model (shared with S.T.A.R) on the GR side, same with original character.
    • Also, it uses the newly revamped ItemIcon from CF China (which features both BL and GR avatar) instead of the old one (which only features either BL or GR avatar and a logo) and the publisher doesn't replace the revamped ItemIcons for all previous characters; later then, most characters' ItemIcon is revamped.
    • The HUD problem has been fixed in December 2019 update.



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