FAMAS G2 is an assault rifle variant of FAMAS F1 featured in CrossFire.


The FAMAS G2 was developed circa 1994 to bring the rifle more in compliance with NATO standards by having tighter rifling and accepting standard NATO magazines, but also included several other upgrades taken from the previous model.

This weapon becomes the secondary issue for the French Army, since the FAMAS F1 still remains the primary service rifle of the Army before being replaced by HK416K in 2017.


Differently from the original FAMAS, this weapon performs much better. It has higher accuracy, higher damage, faster firing speed, faster reloading speed, and faster drawing speed. It also has lower recoil as well. It has a standard 30-round magazine with 90 in reserve, and it still features 3-shot burst mode.

Due to its overwhelming advantages, this gun is a good choice for anybody who want to play against JHP-ammunation SMGs or other OPed weapons.


  • Medium-high damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Very fast firing speed (highest of all rifles).
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Low recoil.
  • Can be switch to burst-fire mode.
  • Quiet firing noise.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Easily runs dry.


  • CF Japan
  • CF China
  • CF Español
  • CF Korea




  • This gun was first released in CF Japan a long time ago but due to lack of attention from Japanese players, coupled with the fact that it was an Event item, this gun was not widely known by CF players around the world. Eventually it was added to CF China as Shop item, giving this gun more attention globally.
  • This gun also have an incorrect magazine size. It should be in STANAG magazine when mated with 30 rounds.
  • This is the only gun that has the fastest rate of fire among all assault rifles, beating the G36K.

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