FAL Custom is a limited edition assault rifle that is available in CF Japan.


As its name suggest, this gun is a customized variant of the FN FAL, fitted with metallic buttstock, Grenade Launcher, Optical zoom scope and a 30 rounds magazine instead of 20. Its power and accuracy are nearly equal to the normal M4A1 - it reloads slower than the M4A1, but the optical zoom scope is functional, although firing rate decreases while zooming.

The FAL Custom is only available at CF Japan. It was released with the Assault Girls Capsule Pack, which also includes the PPK and RAI Model 500.


  • CF Japan
  • Not available elsewhere.


  • To date, FAL Custom stands out with lots of unique attributes - it was the only custom variant released before its original variant (FN FAL), and this gun also inspires the Camo counterpart for Hero Mode as it already came with a grenade launcher. The FAL Custom also differs a lot from its original variant with 2 separate attachments and both are made functional one way or another (Scope on FAL Custom, Grenade Launcher on FAL Camo). Finally, even though FAL Custom comes with +10 rounds mag comparing to FN FAL, this is never acknowledged ingame as the FN FAL was not available by the time FAL Custom was available.
  • On its release, the FAL Custom's HUD has a wider field of view than its Camo counterpart, but after Hero Mode was released, it adapts FAL Camo's FOV. This is because they share the same model and FAL Camo simply has a new skin painted over it.
  • In 2012, the FAL Custom in CF Japan was glitched and show Camo skin instead of its plain skin. This seems to be affected by the same glitch that turned FAL Camo in Hero Mode to FAL Custom (Losing its Camo skin).
  • The FAL Custom is now completely gone from CF Japan, as its skin has been replaced with FAL Camo's. It's unknown why, but probably because Assault Girls weapons are not permanent (Best prize up to 30d only), so it's safe to assume that nobody still has this gun as of now in CF Japan.
  • It has been confirmed by SmileGate that no other CF server will receive this gun, as they ruled it to be too OPed. This statement is actually untrue because FAL Custom performs more or less the same with M4A1 and other assault rifles, and thus it can be assumed that SmileGate just made up some excuse to keep this gun CF Japan exclusive.



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