Excavation's Map Icon.

Excavation is a Mutation Mode (and variants) map sets within the depth of an excavation site as a lost city was discovered.


  • Bio. Pyramid (China).
  • Excavation (West, Brazil, Latin America).
  • Pyramid (Russia, Indonesia).
  • Lost City (Japan).
  • Death Trap (Philippines).
  • Queen Tomb (Vietnam)


There are many places to hide or to defend yourself from your enemy, the Mutants. The most ideal place to hide is at the southern part of the map. The elevated altar soldiers can go there by jumping multiple platforms that you need you climb up then jump into the platform to the altar. Second ideal place to hide is at the middle of the map but don't worry, it is an very high elevated position from the ground, higher than the altar but in order to reach that position you need a player to jump onto him (or double jump for skilled players) then you will be able to jump to the top of that location. Another hiding place is at the cage. The cage is in the west side of the map. This cage can hold up to all players in the game well maybe you don't to go inside the cage while the Zombie Infection timer is still ticking well the soldier system on the cage is simple Zombies or Mutants. Try to go inside the cage then thats the time soldiers inside fire because the way in you need to crouch if I were you, you must don't waste your ammo by shooting Zombie so that still will go inside shoot when its inside because its hard for them to crouch since when they are hit by bullets they adjust backward so the Zombie won't be able to crouch in the corner because of the adjusting force.

Hero Mode / Hero Mode X

Because Mutants can respawn in these mode, there are a few tips to note. First, when respawned, Mutants have 3 seconds that they won't get knock back. Second, they can respawn at any of the spawn point used for all players at the start of the match. Therefore, when defending place that mutants can respawn (Like the cage), you have to watch out and keep an eye on the spawn location. Most of the time people defending the cage got mutated by a mutant that happens to spawn there and they accused him of hacking, when in fact it's just respawning location. Also you can parkour in this map IF you are skilled.


  • In CF Philippines and CF Vietnam, this is the very popular map for Hero Mode and HMX (without the Parasite add-on) gameplay, due to the fact that skilled players can perform parkour on this map with ease.
    • Although a popular map, some players hated this map as players can parkour around freely, making them harder to infect. Some even consider enabling the Parasite add-on on this map to perfectly counter parkouring players.
  • Also, this map has a lot of glitches that players can go inside with no HP lost, and that is cheating, at all.
    • Those glitches now has been fixed in some version.


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