Evil Terminator is a special mutant character playable in the Master Hero Mode X.


He is the blazing version of Xeno and seems to have been training by Blaze from the Devastated City; furthermore, he got 13000 HP, which is higher than his original counterpart. Xeno and Level 3 Mutants can pick the Evil Box dropped on the map to transform into Evil Terminator. He still share the same attacking style like Xeno, but with some minor changes.

Evil Terminator doesn't have the ability to use Bulletproof Shield as the Fireball skill has taken its place. Press "G" to make him form a fireball on his hand, and the longer it is held, the heavier it gets and the bigger the exploding radius it gets. When thrown, the Fireball moves with very slow speed, but Soldiers getting hit with this will be killed instantly (and thus respawning as Mutants).

Comparing to Parasite Bomb, the Fireball has some advantages like a larger blasting radius, ability to instant-kill soldiers and can be shot accurately from distance, at the cost of low speed and long charging time for maximum effect. Parasite Bomb has faster travelling speed, able to hit multiple soldiers closing together, but it has a 7 seconds timer, require staying close to the target to throw due to its grenade nature, and Soldiers can cure each other to refill ammo.


Available along with the Master Hero Mode X content


  • Evil Terminator shares the same appearing sound with Devil Terminator.
  • During the closed test, the secondary attack of Evil Terminator is very slow. It has been buffed in the open test, which is on the same line with Xeno. He also have slightly faster primary attack than Xeno as well.
  • In CF Russia, this character is named Ifrit, a powerful type of demon in Islamic mythology.
    • However, giving the appearance of Ifrit, Demon Terminator would be fit for this name better due to their similar appearance (albeit without Demon Terminator's wings).



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