Evil Mansion is the third Elite PVE Mode map, which is located at a lone mansion in a dark forest. It is a remake of the Mansion map from Hero Mode X, which is now under attack by a horde of zombies and terminators, under the wings of the Fusion Terminator.


  • CF China: Doom Villa.
  • CF West: Haunted Mansion.


Soldiers start off inside the mansion, assisted by auxiliary non-playable soldiers, fending off against zombies trying to break barricades by the windows. By the third wave, a trio of Havoc will spawn and run amok until their defeat, which will cause the mansion to burn down, thus forcing soldiers to get outside.

  • Wave 1: Undeads, Crawlers & Glacial Wingtear.
  • Wave 2: Above + Jumpers, Mutants and Dreads.
  • Wave 3: Above + Psychos and Havoc (up to 3).

Once outside, soldiers are joined by the Hero using his signature FAL Custom-Camo, who is definitely a great asset, as he provides a buff once in a while. By the fifth wave, a evil pairing of terminators spawn and start causing trouble. Upon their defeat, both of their souls will escape their body and fuse together, thus creating the Fusion Terminator.

As mentioned, soldiers are not alone in this mission, as they are assisted by eight AI-controlled mercenaries as they cover the windows of the main floor, preventing zombies from entering the mansion. If the zombies manage to break barricades by the windows, they will finally enter and may infect the auxiliaries, thus turning them into mutants.

Upon stepping outside, soldiers get to meet with the Hero, who will gladly help them destroy any withstanding enemies using his signature weapon. At times, he will let out a war cry, thus granting a temporary buff to soldiers. However, just like previous reinforcements, he can also get infected if defeated, which will turn him into a Dread enemy.

Boss Havoc
During the third wave, a trio of Havoc (only one or two on lower stages) will spawn outside and make their way towards the mansion, potentially blocked by any remaining barricades. Upon entering, they will chase down the soldiers while using their few abilities until their defeat, thus sending the troop outside.
  • Warp: It will teleport to try land on their target.
  • Slash: It'll try to slash their target once nearby.
  • Haste: It'll speed up significantly to catch up.
  • Shield: A force field; which stuns it if broken.

Boss Terminators
During the fifth wave, a pair of Terminator will spawn and start chasing down the soldiers, using a variety of attacks. Once one of them dies, a short-timer starts, which will lead to its resurrection with a smaller pool of health unless the other dies before that happens, so soldiers should aim to kill them almost simultaneously.
The Xeno
  • Jolt: A short-range electricity attack at its prey.
  • Bolt: Long-range electricity attack in a cone shape.
  • Dash: A speed boost to catch up to their target.
  • Shield: A shield that heals until the orb breaks.
Evil Terminator
  • Slash: A short range attack for nearby targets.
  • Fireball: Many fireballs are thrown at each soldier.
  • Firewall: Walls of flame that cover great length.
  • Shield: A shield that heals until the orb breaks.

Boss Fusion
During the final wave, a cut-scene shows the souls of both terminators leaving their bodies to fuse together to form the ultimate terminator: Fusion Terminator. This imposing force summons their prior hosts in form of various attacks, thus making it a very dangerous foe.
  • Fusion Laser: It'll summon massive laser beams that will be tracking many soldiers at once.
  • Fusion Rain: It will summon a great number of fusion balls and then throw them at soldiers.
  • Fusion Trail: It'll erratically move about the field, leaving a massive trail of electricity behind.
  • Fusion Strike: It will summon portals above every soldier, which generates lightning bolts.
  • Fusion Shield: A shield that heals its host until both of the surrounding orbs are destroyed.



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