The Eternal Dragon weapon series is the 6th installment of the Royal Dragon variant, for the celebration of the 2017 Lunar New Year. These weapons are different from the other Royal Dragon weapons, as they feature a red color scheme with solid dragon carvings similar to the ones found in Infernal Dragon VVIPs wrapped around their bodies.

Weapon List


  • This is the first Royal-D generation that not being updated fully in CF Vietnam, as both Barrett M82A1 and Field Shovel arrived after three other weapons have been updated.
    • This is the also the first Royal-D generation that features an SMG.
  • The Dragon attachments wrapped around the Eternal Dragon weapons can actually prevent them from functioning in real life.
    • An example is the M4A1-XS ED, which has a dragon head replacing the rifle's charging handle, which means the user cannot chamber a round from the magazine and thus preventing the gun from firing entirely.
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