Estate is a Mutation, Hero Mode and Hero Mode X map sets within a large abandoned military research and development base. Which is is now used as a quarantine zone during the outbreak.


  • Stronghold (West).
  • Estate (Philippines & Indonesia).
  • Miltary Workshop (Vietnam).
  • R&D Base (China).
  • Ixion (Japan).


The Hallway Description
Spot Hall -

Front Balcony Description
Spot Front -

Back Balcony Description
Spot Back1 -

Empty Room Description
Spot Case -

Side of the Base Description
Spot Side -

The Gate Description
Spot Gate -

Barricade (Left Side) Description
Spot Cade1 -

Barricade (Right Side) Description
Spot Cade2 -

Supply Boxes Description
Spot Supply -


  • This map is close to have the exact layout as cs_estate from the Counter-Strike series (which lead to believe that the publisher of CrossFire Philippines perhaps named it Estate on purpose)..
  • Since the developers take inspiration from Counter-Strike Online (and few more games sometimes); the idea of having this map for Mutation certainly came from that game considering they already had it for their infection based modes.


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