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Escape Mode 2 is a team-based mode in CrossFire. It takes the principal of the old Escape Mode and add some more elements to make the gameplay more interesting.


  • CF China: Assassination Mode
  • CF Vietnam: Assassination Mode
  • CF West: Team Escape Mode
  • CF Russia: Hunting Mode
  • CF Brazil: Rescue Mode
  • CF Español: Rescue Mode
  • CF Korea


GR and BL once again face off in an elimination match which their primary objective is to wipe out the other team's members in order to win the round. This time around, GR's base has a VIP target (NPC) that's being sheltered inside a safehouse, and all entrances to GR base are protected by security laser beam.

If a BL player trips it, the alarm will activate and the VIP target will attempt to flee using the escape route at the back of GR's base. He has 500 HP but only armed with a Colt 1911 and walks at a slow pace, making him an easy target. If the alarm has been triggered, BL will have to eliminate the VIP Target along with all GR soldiers in order to win the round.

Should the assassination succeed with GR forces still alive, BL players will have to fall back to their base and wait for a helicopter to pick them up and escape from the area - GR's task is simply to kill all BL soldiers, either keeping the VIP target safe or just prevent BL forces from escaping the map.





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