Escape Mode
is a game mode based of Escort Mode from Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.), where both teams must accomplish a certain goal faster than their opponent, which is to escape through a Portal.


  • Escape Mode (Most versions).
  • BreakOut Mode (China).
  • Defection Mode (Vietnam)
  • Prison Mode (Indonesia)


Black List soldiers are trying to escape through the exit that is always located near the Global Risk spawn, - in certain maps, there are a few breakable doors covering the entry, which make things harder. They have a certain amount of escape to do within a time limit. After the first round is completed, both teams will swap side after a ten seconds delay.

In the case Black List succeed, the opposite teams will have to do the same amount of escape but the time limit will be reduced to what the initial team did. In order to win the match they would need to beat their time. However, should Black List fails, Global Risk will only need to beat the amount of escape initially done with the default time limit.


As Global Risk spawns, they can either stay and defend the Portal or rush the Black List side. Depending on the maps, Black List will often be blocked with different obstacle that can be destroy over time to facilitate escape routes. In most cases they are not forced to get rid of them, except in Colombia where the portal is blocked.

Whenever someone escapes, nobody can enter for five seconds. Once there's two escape left, a BGM will start playing to make things more intense. If two minutes pass on without any escape, Global Risk positions are shown on the radar as red dot until a Black List soldier make next escape.



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