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New seasons brings new systems, maps, bosses, rewards and various tweaks as well. The purpose of this page is to document all of these additions/changes as introduced per season, as the other pages will always attempt to reflect the most up to date information about the game mode. Here are the various changelogs per seasons:

Season 2

New Content

Stages / Scoring

  • Elite Rank maximum level increased to 40 (from 30).
  • Five additional stages difficulty, bringing it to 45 (from 40).
  • All of the stage levels multipliers were tweaked.
  • Enemies / bosses may have varied skills based on difficulty.
  • Each deaths now reduce the score by 10 points (from 2).
  • Clear requirements now 6:00 (+5) / 3:00 (+3) on all maps:

Weekly Obstacles

  • Addition of five obstacles: Twister, Barrel, Parasite, Grim Reaper and Berserk!
  • Attack obstacle now comes in different colors with each of them granting a buff.
  • Addition of the attribute system; which splits every obstacles into four tiers.

Core System

  • Four additional unlock-able core slots (one for each categories).
  • Addition of the precious tier for cores (three stars) and combined cores.
  • Better visibility when handling cores, with letters indicating cores sub tiers.
  • Addition of the Core Synthesis / Melting system to recycle unused cores.


  • CrossFire China, as of September 2020, added further optimizations, which includes:
    • Compensation prizes for losses (instead of no rewards upon failure).
    • Continuous opening of core boxes so they can be open much faster.
    • Reconnect feature for those that get disconnected during the match.
    • A new Reward Box for clearing Stage 45.
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