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Elite PVE is a Ranked Game Mode that pits five players against an horde of zombies and various bosses. The mode plays very much like Challenge Mode but with some new mechanics, such as the core system and weekly obstacles.


  • CF China: Endless Challenge.
  • CF West: Ranked Zombie Mode.
  • CF Brazil: Ranked Zombie Mode.
  • CF Indonesia: Zombie Elite PVE.


This mode plays out similar to classic Assault maps in ZM, pitting players against the hordes that must be killed to progress through each round and then defeat the boss at the final round to win. Players can carry a limited amount of HypoMed L/R, but cannot use Revival Coins and Intrusion Coins (As these are Ranked Match, joining mid-game is prohibited). The Slide skill from Boss Annihilator mode is present, allowing players to dodge attacks and becomes invincible for a brief window.

Unlike classic ZM, players are not allowed to use Ammo Belt and AI Bag Switch item. The damage-reduced effects from boss equipments in newer ZM maps are negated, meaning all players will take the same amount of damage regardless of their equipments. The only permitted game-changing effects are Critical Hits from M4A1-S Born Beast as well as HP healing from the M4A1-S Under Tech series.




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