Elimination is a mode of play in CrossFire similar to Team Deathmatch, in which players in one team must work together to defeat the opponent team to win the game.

  • Wipe Out (CF Philippines)
  • Annihilate Mode/歼灭模式(CF China)


The gameplay of this mode differs from the Team Deathmatch Mode that players don't respawn when killed, they respawn as a team and it runs on a basis of rounds instead of kills or time limits. After a set "freeze time" (about 3 seconds into the round), players are free to move and they begin to "eliminate" their enemies. In some maps, players start with only their melee weapons and must pick up preset guns on the ground. In other maps, players enter the round with their own set of weapons. The mission of each team is to kill all enemies in the opposing team to win the round. After the game is done (all rounds have been played), the team with more winning rounds is the winning team. This game mode requires teamwork, tactics and weapon mastery.

Elimination Mode Maps

These are the maps that you can play in Elimination Mode:

Occasional Maps

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