Dual MP7 is a dual-wielded submachine gun variant of the MP7.


Unlike the Dual Uzi, Dual MP7 features two MP7A1 with the front handle been pulled up with stock retracted and the lack of scope . Also, characters hold two MP7 vertically like with Dual Colt or Dual Desert Eagle instead of side way like the Dual Uzi. It features 60 rounds per magazine, making it the same level with Thompson. It has fast firing rate, moderate firepower and an attached silencer that makes the gun more useful but the accuracy and recoil somewhat below average due to two guns being fired from each hand.


  • CF Russia
  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West


  • On its release, Dual MP7 features a moderate sized crosshair in CF Vietnam, but it was later nerfed to show an ultra huge crossfire for some unknown reason.
  • There is a bug in CF Russia, that makes this gun to spray without recoil in a single dot. But this is hard to achieve, because you have to stay still and keep spraying more than 30 bullets, but low damage won't give any good for combat. 



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