Dual Kriss Super V is a dual submachine gun variant of the Kriss Super V.


This gun has a high ammo count (50/100), it also has more fire power and fast firing rate than it's single-wielded variant. Due it's a dual-wielded, the accuracy has been lower, higher recoil, and longer reload time than it's single wielded variant. For it appearance, this Dual Kriss Super V has a dark teal skin and a modern (present production) design.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF Español
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia


  • This gun is a decent weapon it can spray-kill rifle wielder in close to medium range, however this gun can't aim very well at long distance due to dual wielded, higher recoil and lower accuracy.
  • This gun, along with Mosin Nagant, was given to all players at April 27th upon logging in for try-out, even though it has yet to be released. Much like other 1-day gift recently, it features no damage bar, so players don't have to fix it after each match.
  • Despite having the name Kriss Super V in it, the skin of the Dual Kriss Super V is different from that of the original, which has a beige tone to it.
  • Both the front and rear sights have been raised on the weapon, despite the inclusion of the scope.
  • When croutching properly and fire, the crosshair has no recoil like you're cheating the game, using this method for long range is good but have little damage because the gun itself is an SMG.




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