Dual Desert Eagle is a dual-wield variant of the Desert Eagle featured in CrossFire.


The Dual Desert Eagle is similar to the Dual Colt, but its drawing/reloading time is slightly faster and its damage dealing is excellent, coupled with its very fast firing rate. This gun is not very accurate however, due to each gun being fired in one hand, making scoring headshot harder than the normal Desert Eagle. It's best used in small to medium maps.

In all CF versions, this gun can be obtained via ZM's reward crates (Gold). Prior  to Crater update, it's available in Crystal crates only, but was later replaced with Green Vein variant.



  • Originally this gun was planned to feature a full black skin like WCG or WEM variant albeit the marks, but it was later changed to the classic white skin instead. Pre-release renders of Dual DE Black can still be found on CF China's page (and later mistakenly used by CF West on their Weapon Library page).
    • FOX is seen wielding this Dual DE Black in the CGI promotion video for Shipyard map.



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