Dual Desert Eagle-Ultimate Goldsmith is a dual-wielded pistol variant of the Dual Desert Eagle.


This weapon consists of two Desert Eagle-Ultimate Gold on each hand, but with special carvings on the slides. It has an 18 round magazine (+4), with faster draw/reload speed.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Español
  • CF Japan
  • CF Korea
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia


  • This is the second permanent Dual DE variant after the Dual Desert Eagle-Valentine. Moreover, since the UGS variant features upgraded ammo capacity and decreased draw/reload time, it will be likely to be favored over the Dual DE-Valentine.
    • Due to this reason, the Dual DE-UGS has been put into AI Ticket in CF Vietnam, making obtaining it much harder for players.
  • In CF PH's Black Market interface, the Dual DE-UGS once incorrectly used the image icon of Dual Colt-Ultimate Goldsmith. This has been fixed in a recent patch.



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