The Dragunov (also known as Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova or Dragunov Sniper Rifle) is a kind of semi-automatic sniper rifle that is featured in CrossFire.


Dragunov is unique among all semi-automatic sniper rifle that it unzooms after each shoot and then zoom in again, making it quite hard for continuous shoot. Due to the usage of 7.62x54mmR ammunition, this gun deals very high damage per shoot, sometimes capable of 1-hit kill enemies if hit correctly, but most of the time it requires 2 shoots like most other semi-automatic sniper rifle. Dragunov has a fast firing rate and notably fast reload time, but the weakness of not full firepower makes it quite unpopular against AWM.

In all CF servers, this gun is available in Item Shop as GP item.


  • High damage (average damage in CF Indonesia).
  • Very high accuracy and could be used with no scope in close combat.
  • Very fast weapon delay.
  • Fast rate of fire.
  • Very fast reload time.
  • Purchaseable via Game Points (GP).
  • Dual scope phase.


  • Low magazine capacity (5 or 10).
  • Heavyweight.
  • Low bulletproof armor penetration.
  • Inaccurate at long range.
  • Loud firing noise.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions


  • In CF Indonesia, the Dragunov doesn't make any sounds when being reloaded in 1st Person view.
  • The Dragunov has a major flaw, it is confirmed to have a "Hit Detection" error in its use, For example you can score a perfect chest/headshot BUT it registers as a miss (even in CQC *Close Quarters Combat*). It can miss a direct shot under any circumstances at any distance reguardless of movement of the target and your skill it may glitch and miss, Just a friendly warning to anyone purchasing the Dragunov.
  • In CF Vietnam, the Dragunov has an unusual bug where the gun has been completely damaged. In such case, it can be fired in No-zoom mode like a rifle, where the bullet will go straight to center of the screen while jumping, and it can score 1-hit kill on the body whereas this is normally impossible to do with a new Dragunov. Experienced players can easily aim without the crosshair or they can resort to other tools (sometimes they use white-board markers to draw a dot in the screen) to display crosshairs on-screen, thus giving them big advantage in close combat. This glitch has been fixed.



  • Most CF versions name this gun as Dragunov, whereas CF Russia, it is called simply SVD (Свд).
  • The scope of the SVD is PSO-1 whose reticle is Chevron type, not crosshairs. It also has a built-in rangefinder on the lower left side. This scope was correctly used on the Tigr-9 variant.



CrossFire VN - Dragunov SVD

CrossFire VN - Dragunov SVD

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