Downtown is a Search and Destroy map in Crossfire, and is mostly used for Search and Destroy matches. As the name suggests, it is set in a downtown area.


Global Risk have accessed a nearby city for calling in more reinforcements and back up. While not knowing, Black List Soldiers were already falling their tail. Black List Solders are attempting to get attention of the Global Risk by destroying and demolishing downtown. While all this terrorizing is happening, a Global Risk's mission is to eliminate the terrorizing Black List from the city once and for all.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk start off in front of a big, apartment building which can be entered, giving a great view of the surrounding area. The Global Risk have a very powerful terrain advantage on this map, with A being a few steps away, and B just a short walk away. With this, getting to a bomb site quickly is no problem, giving the extra time to prepare and set up.

Black List Base

Black List soldiers start off in a building up ahead from the Global Risk Base. The base is protected with stone walls and only has a few entrances. Black List soldiers are far from the bombsite, causing them more trouble and less of an advantage in terms of getting to a site to plant the bomb.


  • Going under the map can really surprise the enemy on either side of the map.
  • Any type of weapon is great to use on this map because it's so large.
  • A common sniper spot is the mart (BL) or on the metal ramps/balcony (GR). Another one is B-Long (BL) or behind the truck near B site (GR)
  • The mid area connecting the A site to center B is a good place to surprise your enemies. You can either wait for them to come to you, or simply wait for the right moment and jump out.
  • If you hear water splashing, it may be a good idea to position yourself at the water ladders for some easy kills.


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