Downtime is a Hero Mode X map set at an antarctic outpost with a containers area, power generators, a monster observing one of the building, etc. The map also introduces climbable walls specifically used by Spider Nanos, giving them alternative routes to reach the soldiers.


  • CF China: Snow Mountain.
  • CF West: Mountain Complex.
  • CF Español: Power Plant.


This outpost contains three distinct areas with various points of interest: There's a large container yard that leads to a few defend-able spots. There is a fenced area with several large power generators and two special signs nearby, that is marked with moving red/green arrows that will propel anyone jumping near it.

Finally, there are two large building that were once connected via an overpass that is now broken, which left a large gap between. The north-west one has a bunch of floating platforms and some pipes on the wall and for some reason, there's a large monster watching from a large hole in the wall. The north-east building simply leads to the overpass.

There are several marked pathways on the walls across the map meant for an exclusive mutant (replacing the default mutants): Spider Nano. A new Maiden / Enchantress-like creature with the ability to climb the marked pathways, which serve as alternate routes to various spots or to access an exclusive area for them (and high jumping mutants) to hide.

The climbing is done in third-person view, but after getting off one of these path, it remains in third-person. They can toggle between both views via the mouse wheel scroll at any time and is entirely exclusive to them. Additionally, they still retains the default ability to run faster, albeit for a much shorter period of time compared to the Dread mutants.


  • According to CrossFire China's patch notes, it should take nineteen jumps to get to the highest point in the map.


Near The Beast Description
Spot Beast Soldiers may jump onto a platform directly in front of the large beast observing the room. They should focus on mutants jumping on the floating pieces of concrete but also keep an eye out for any spider nano climbing the walls nearby.

The Overpass Description
Spot Pipe A little more difficult to hold, but soldiers may use the upper part of the overpass to defend. Since the gap is so large between both parts, soldiers could generally focus on every floating platforms in the area and the green container outside.

Derelict Building Description
Spot Derelict The lower part of the overpass can be defended as long soldiers shoot down mutants jumping from the ledges outside the building and the upper part of the overpass, as it's easier to jump the gap from there as a mutant. Also making sure no one uses the spider path.

Green Container Description
Spot Green The green container stacked on top of three other ones is another place soldiers can hold. Whether inside or on top of it, the main focus should be the huge containers stack and the north-west building with the latter being a good escape route if it's clear.

Top Of The World Description
Spot Atop After a good amount of jumping around the stack, soldiers will reach a large platform at the top, giving a good vantage point. The major threat are mutants climbing the stack itself, but also some spider paths leading to two ledges on the walls near the top.

The Steel Plank Description
Spot West One of the aforementioned platform, soldiers can access it via jumping from the containers near the top of the stack. They should be focusing on the upper part of the stack itself and most definitely the spider path leading up to the spot as well.

The Platform Description
Spot South The other aforementioned platform, although this one is larger, giving space for more soldiers to camp on it. Same rules applies as the previous spots, as in, checking the upper part of the stack and killing any incoming climbing threats.


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