Devil Hunter is a special Heroine female character featured in CrossFire, only playable in Parasite Expansion of Hero Mode X.


In a Parasite Expansion round, last surviving soldiers will be have the option to transform into the Devil Hunter by pressing the "E" key. The number of Devil Hunters depends on how many players are there in the room (8-14 players will have one Devil Hunter, 15 players will have 2 Devil Hunters and 16 players will have 3 Devil Hunters).

Devil Hunters are equipped with the Invisible Assassin Sword-Devil Hunter. Everytime she kills a mutant, she gains 200 HP.

Devil Hunter Cook

When playing Parasite Expansion in Nano Kitchen, Devil Hunter has a new form as a cook - or called Devil Hunter Cook. She wears a white cooking apron, a cooking hat with white gloves and her weapon is still the same. Her HUD is also slightly changed from brown to white.


Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • At the moment, only GMs can play with this character in normal modes (FFA, S&D, TDM..), similar to Nemesis in CF VN and CF BR.
  • In CF Vietnam, Devil Hunter Cook is called Master Chef, which is based on a famous cooking show with the said name.




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