Desert Fortress is a launch and exclusive Mutation Knight map sets within a large base in the middle of the desert. It features few mounted Fal-Camos and zip-lines to access other spots or escape.


  • Desert Fort (Japan, South Korea).
  • Desert Fortress (CN, PH, WE, ES, ID).
  • Sand Fortress (VN).
  • Deserted Fort (Russia).
  • Platform (Brazil).


The map takes place within a large desert fortress that is owned by the N.F.D. corporation; their logo can also be found on a Global Risk naval ship. The base is highly technology advanced, even if it only seems to be meant for storage purposes.

Whatever it may be, it is now a quarantined zone inhabited by soldiers. It is mainly composed of two storage buildings that are connected with a bridge, a small hangar and various catwalks and containers all around the territory.

There is a good amount of place where soldiers may be defending, as long they consider all the possible counter-attack that mutants may attempt.

Afghanistan Uruzgan, the old battlefield where GR and BL fiercely fought each other. A fort was built amid the desert where the Operation Sandstorm took place. The fort built by GR after the victory of Operation Sandstorm was actually a lab where the last Nano Ghost virus is isolated.

It's indeed a fort as there were a myriad of defending devices and guards due to the importance of the thing. One afternoon just as calm as the others. To a GR mercenary who languidly guarded believing it would be safe just like before, something unfamiliar happened.

Horrible scream from behind and uncanny roar.

When he turned around, he saw it - the Nano Ghost infected creature that was supposed to disappear. Nano Ghost considered as inactive became active again and made an infected creature for an unknown reason.

Not only the troops in the fort couldn't dare to subdue the endless reviving infected creatures, but it looked almost impossible for them to survive because of spreading infection by their attacks.

The GRX special agents will be there soon. Hold the ground for a moment!
- When they couldn't pull the trigger for the fear, a radio message was transmitted.

It was rather harsh for him who couldn't even stand still to hold the ground against the swamping infected creatures. However, it was also a lucky misfortune as he was waiting for death without any hope for help before the message.

It was about one minute before the special agents would reach here. He and other GR mercenaries looked at the front holding their weapons. Fighting against the fear of death the infected creature would bring together.


CrossFire China - Desert Fortress Mutation Knight

CrossFire China - Desert Fortress Mutation Knight

CrossFire China - Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight)

CrossFire China - Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight)

CrossFire CN Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight)

CrossFire CN Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight)


-CrossFire Indonesia- Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight Mode)

-CrossFire Indonesia- Desert Fortress (Mutation Knight Mode)

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