Desert Eagle-WCG, also referred to as the "Black DE", is a limited edition pistol variant of Desert Eagle, available only during WCG Tournament.


Same as normal Desert Eagle, but with a black matte skin and WCG mark on the side. It has the original "un-nerfed" stats of the normal Desert Eagle


  • CF Vietnam initially sells this gun in Item Shop during WCG tournament with a reasonable price 140 vcoin / 30 days. Later on, it was permanently removed and reversed for the Webshop, with an unbelievable price 700 vcoin / 30 days. It can be assumed that VTC got wised up after listening to community's opinion about this gun and hid it from the Item Shop so veteran players have no choice but to buy it from Webshop (With the expensive price). Recently. VTC has put the D.E WCG into some giftcodes (e.g. gifecode for 300 000 likes in FB page).



HD CrossFire VN - Desert Eagle WCG

HD CrossFire VN - Desert Eagle WCG

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