Desert Eagle-Royal Dragon is a pistol variant of the Desert Eagle.


This gun has a bigger HUD than most other DEs, and features a full Royal-Skin. Comes with 10 rounds magazine (+3) with 40 in reverse but has no other stats improvement.


  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Korea
  • CF Brazil


  • This is the only Royal Dragon piece that's always on sale, as other weapons are only for limited time in Black Market, Item Shop (CF China), webmall or publisher's specific events.
  • For some reason, D.E-Royal Dragon is much bigger than other variants and holding lower angle in first person. This is because D.E-Royal Dragon (and other DE variants starting with this gun) has been changed to have new model, just like other recently weapons (Ex: M4A1, AK47, AWM,...).
  • Only in CF Brazil and CF North America this weapon have 9 rounds with 36 in reserve.
  • D.E-Royal Dragon in CF VN is one of the worst D.E variant due to its low accuracy and damage dealing, only beaten by DE-Rio due to no ammo upgrade and stats improvement.



CrossFire Philippines - Desert Eagle Royal Dragon!

CrossFire Philippines - Desert Eagle Royal Dragon!

CrossFire China 2.0 - D

CrossFire China 2.0 - D.E-Royal Dragon ☆

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