Desert Eagle-Rio is a pistol variant of Desert Eagle for Olympic Rio 2016.


The skin of this weapon is the combination of 2 colors from Brazil's flag - Green and Yellow. It comes with a 9-round magazine (+2) in some versions. Otherwise, everything is the same as the stock variant.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF Philipines
  • CF West
  • CF Japan
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia


  • Except CF China, this is the very first 7-round DE variant available in Black Market, including CF Vietnam. Many Vietnamese players consider this gun as a joke (even worse than DE-Pink Crystal) since there's no stats difference comparing with the original one. Plus, DE in Vietnam is seriously nerfed, thus, many players would prefer buying the classic DE or renting DE-Blue Crystal (later replaced by the DE-Gradation after the Mileage Shop updated) rather than winning DE-Rio.
    • As a result, DE-Rio replaced DE-Royal Dragon, DE-Silver to become the worst DE variant of all times. Plus, if SmileGate will ever release more variants of DE, they will probably have ammo upgraded and some stats upgraded as well.
    • By coincidence, DE Rio was released during the time Vietnamese athlete Hoang Xuan Vinh won a medal for the Pistol Shooting in Olympic 2016. VTC used this event to promote for Rio Special Capsule as well.
  • When this weapon was firstly released in CF BR, DE-Rio features the same ammo cap as all other versions. However, March 2017 update fixed the ammo cap to 9 bullets per mag.
  • In CF China, it swaps the sale price in the shop with Kukri-Rio, it became the expensive but also worst Desert Eagle variant here.



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