Desert Eagle-Gold is a pistol variant of Desert Eagle.


It has a gold appearance and faster reloading time and also have higher magazine capacity compared to the standard Desert Eagle.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Español


  • CF China & Japan still use the old version of this gun, it has a different skin of this gun with more yellow and doesn't shine the bright light.
  • In CF China, it just has an ammo increase without any speed upgrade, but in CF Japan, it has a fast firing rate and reloading speed with no ammo increase. And also in Japan, they sell it in Item Shop as a GP item which is easy to buy. In CF PH and CF VN, this gun has both fast reloading speed and ammo increase.
  • Alongside Minimi Gold as AI reward, this is the only golden gun that can't be obtained permanently in CF Vietnam, as it only has one temp variant. However, due to a prank pulled by Shirunai Okami (along with his friends' help) showcasing his Storage with a permanent DE Gold (Later revealed to be edited), a lot of people still believe this gun can be obtained permanently.
  • In CF PH, this gun is obtainable in the coupon exchange for 30 days and as a reward from the purchase promo for 7 days.
  • This gun, along with M66-Gold Carving, Dual Colt-Ultimate Goldsmith and Mauser M1896-Gold are bundled in Golden Sidearm Ticket to gifted CF Europe's players that migrated their account completely to CF North America (CF West) for 30 days from Nocember 30th, 2018



CrossFire Philippines - Golden Desert Eagle!

CrossFire Philippines - Golden Desert Eagle!

CrossFire VN - Desert Eagle Gold

CrossFire VN - Desert Eagle Gold

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