This article is about the Desert Eagle variant with a fully black skin with a shine and 10th anniversary mark on the handle for CF West. If you are looking about Desert Eagle variant with original skin and 10th anniversary mark on the handle of CF Vietnam, see here.
"In celebration of Crossfire West's 10th year of service, this Desert Eagle is exclusive to Crossfire West"
- in-game description for CF West

Desert Eagle-Black-10th Anniversary is a pistol variant of the Desert Eagle featured in CrossFire.


It is a variant of the Desert Eagle-CFS and features a CF logo on the weapon with an orange X in the background symbolizing 10 as a roman numeral in years of service. Also, its killmark has the acronym 'SGW' for Smile Gate West.


  • CF West


  • For some reason, the gun's color is more lighter than DE-Black on its BagIcon, ItemIcon, third-person model and render, which looks more like gray color, but the HUD is same with DE-Black. It's possible that this gun at first was just simply the DE 2.0 model with 10th mark, but was changed later.
  • This weapon uses Desert Eagle-Balance stats, which means it will be delayed about 0.2-0.3 seconds until it is finally complete its reloading.
  • There has been a naming confusion for this weapon among CF players:
    • While the gun itself is called DE-10th in both in-game name, system file, BagIcon and killmark (bearing no "B" icon, unlike its stock variant), it is in fact a reskinned variant of the DE-Black that uses 2.0 model. 
    • There has been the case with WEM, WCG and Scope variants which have black skin but are not acknowledged as such, due to the fact that the DE-Black with 1.0 model was removed before the released of the three said variants, and the DE-Black with 2.0 model was only released years later.
    • It's been decided that since this gun is a reskinnned of the DE-Black instead of stock DE, and it should be called DE-Black 10th Anniversary. This is confirmed by the publishers, Smilegate West.



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