This article is about the Desert Eagle variant with a fully black skin with a shine and 10th-anniversary mark on the handle for CF West. If you are looking about Desert Eagle variant with original skin and 10th-anniversary mark on the handle of CF Vietnam, see here.
"In celebration of Crossfire West's 10th year of service, this Desert Eagle is exclusive to Crossfire West"
- in-game description for CF West

Desert Eagle-Black-10th Anniversary is a pistol variant of the Desert Eagle featured in CrossFire.


It is a variant of the Desert Eagle-CFS and features a CF logo on the weapon with an orange X in the background symbolizing 10 as a Roman numeral in years of service. Also, its killmark has the acronym 'SGW' for Smile Gate West.


  • CF West


  • For some reason, the gun's color is lighter than DE-Black on its BagIcon, ItemIcon, third-person model and render, which looks more like gray color, but the HUD is the same with DE-Black. It's possible that this gun at first was just simply the DE 2.0 model with 10th mark, but was changed later.
  • This weapon uses Desert Eagle-Balance stats, which means it will be delayed about 0.2-0.3 seconds until it is finally complete its reloading.
  • There has been a naming confusion for this weapon among CF players:
    • While the gun itself is called DE-West 10th Anniversary in both in-game name, system file, BagIcon, and killmark (bearing no "B" icon, unlike its stock variant), it is a reskinned variant of the DE-Black that uses a 2.0 model.
    • There has been the case with WEM, WCG, and Scope variants that have black skin but are not acknowledged as such, since the DE-Black with 1.0 model was removed before the release of the three said variants and the DE-Black with 2.0 model were only released years later.
    • It's been decided that since this gun is a reskinned of the DE-Black instead of stock DE, it should be called DE-Black 10th Anniversary. This is confirmed by the publishers, Smilegate West.



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