Desert 2.0 is an enhanced version of Desert, which is this game's version of the famous Counter-Strike map, Dust 2 (de_dust2). This map is part of the CrossFire 2.0 update and it features a quality slider with various weather effects.


  • CF China


It features a new skybox, added props (like the helicopter near the A-Site), new prop textures, and epic effects (somewhat it's in the ruined state of war) like AA batteries firing to the sky, flames in the buildings, jet planes passing by, gray smokes and explosions.


CrossFire 2.0 DUST 2 (New Design 2

CrossFire 2.0 DUST 2 (New Design 2.0) Map Review & Comparison

Map Preview and Graphics Comparison

CrossFire 2

CrossFire 2.0 Meet Dust 2!

CrossFire 2

CrossFire 2.0 - Visiting the Desert Dust2 !

Map Preview

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