Death Ring
is a Team Deathmatch melee only map sets within an indoor arena with a large boxing ring.


  • Ring of Death (China).
  • Doom Box (Philippines).
  • Death Ring (Japan).
  • Boxing Ring (West).
  • Toxic Prison (Brazil).


It is a large enclosed area with a huge boxing ring in the center, while the rest of the ground is filled with toxic water, but deals more damage than Swamp's. Which doesn't really explain why soldiers would leave the ring only to expose themselves to a large damage zone as it's accessable legitly.

Upon spawning, from aerial spawn points, soldiers bounce directly onto the ring. The various ropes atttached to the turnbuckles also allow them to bounce away in the ring. The turnbuckle can also be climbed to get down the ring, but as aforementioned, they will then steps in toxic water, slowly killing them.

However, it is possible to walk around the ring beside the ropes and turnbuckles, still exposed to enemies though as melee usually have good range of attacks. The background has many details that can make it looks like it would be possible for soldiers to go to, but the main area is the ring and few space of water.


  • Unlike The Swamp, having toxic water around the ring is quite illogical, but this makes Death Ring true to its name - jumping out and the toxic will kill you, so it's fight or die.



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Cross Fire China Death Ring (Team Deathmatch) Review !

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