DX Heroine-Noble Gold is a Noble Gold character variant of DX Heroine.


She looks like DX Heroine, but less revealing. On the BL side, she is armoured with gold suit on her body and arms and she wear dark yellow gloves and pant with her hair dyed blonde. On the GR side, she is armoured with silver suit on her body and arms and she wears dark blue gloves and pant; however, her gloves aren't fingerless like the original counterpart.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF Español

Character Skills

  • Flash Guard.
  • Immunity to self/teammates grenades.


  • Unlike the original DX Heroine, this variant has longer hair just like her HMX counterpart instead of short hair. This also goes with Puma variant.
  • In CF Vietnam, this is the very first Noble Gold character to be available in Black Market as other NG characters (Switcher Special, SIA, FOX) can only be obtainable via events. Furthermore, she's also the only NG character to feature VVIP border and the only skilled character to be available in Black Market.
    • Also, DX Heroine-Noble Gold's description in CF Vietnam is taken from Ares (which is referred to Savior - the name of Ares in CF China), a character that hasn't been released here yet.
  • In CF Vietnam, this character's health bar was named DX-Puma Noble Gold, but it got changed later to simply DX-Noble Gold for unknown reason. The old name can still be found in the name tag for equipped items.



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