DX is the female mercenary squad created by the female warrior "Nemesis" during the Nano ghost Incident. The DX are an elite force that specializes in dual weilding axes to fight the Nano Ghosts. Even though they specialize in slaying Nano Ghosts, they are also deployed to dangerous warzones and take point in all battles.
- Character Descriptions

For the special character that appears as Heroine in some Hero Mode X maps, see Nemesis.

DX Heroine is a female character available in CrossFire. She is the normal variant of the Nemesis character available in Hero Mode X.


She shares the same BL model with Nemesis, while her GR counterpart is simply recolored. The GR model also wears fingerless gloves instead of normal gloves like BL model.

In all CF versions, she is available in AI Tickets as skilled character. in CF China, she is also available as temporary character in Devastated City's reward crates (Crystal and boss crates). In CF Philippines, a temporary version of this character (without skill) can be obtained via Boss Arena's reward crates.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

Version Difference

  • CF China, CF Vietnam, CF Philippines and CF Español: DX Heroine (复仇者)/DX's specialty is Flash Guard and immunity to self/teammate grenade.
  • CF West and CF Brazil: Ranger's specialty is Fall Damage Reduction.



  • This is the one of the characters that has the same models on both BL and GR, only recolored (other being Ghost X, Ghost M, Ghost Y, N-22, Devil Hunter Merc, Ares and Miss A, 2PM set characters). This might be because Tencent is too lazy to make a new model for her so they choose to go cheap by just recoloring existing model.
    • This also goes with her Noble Gold and Puma variants.
    • Another reason could be because this character is a normal variant of Nemesis, which only came with one model, so it would be confused if there were a different model for GR (since her BL side is already same with Nemesis), not to mention it take time to create a new model so the developers simply recolored the existing model.
  • DX Heroine's hair is shorter than of her Hero Mode X counterpart. However, her Noble Gold and Puma variants shares long hair with her HMX counterpart instead.



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